A Miracle or a Hoax?

A Miracle or a Hoax?

John Lindell, the pastor of James River Church in Springfield, Missouri, has been getting much national attention after his congregation claimed to have regrown a woman's severed toes through prayer. The incredible story began when the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, showed up at their church seeking medical help for her injury.

Remarkably, three of her toes were amputated in 2015 after being shot by her husband. After being told she could not receive any more medical treatment for her injury, the woman prayed for a solution. With Pastor Lindell leading their prayers, the entire James River Church congregation believed God could answer their petition and heal the woman’s amputated toes.

 The Beginning of the Miracle

 “All the women got down, and they prayed over my foot,” Thompson explained. “I decided to take my shoe off to see what was happening when (Pastor Bill Johnson) said, ‘Let’s see the progress or if anything’s happened.’”

“I saw three toes that were forming,” Thompson said, “and now there’s length to them tonight.”

The pastor later echoed these claims in a Facebook post. Within 30 minutes, he said, the formerly amputated toes were longer than her pinky toe. Within an hour, the toenails began regrowing.

Another visiting pastor in attendance, Bill Johnson, confirmed the miracle and retold it to his congregation:

To everyone’s amazement, several weeks later, X-rays and scans revealed that new tissue was growing around the area where the woman’s toes had been removed. Although it is unclear whether these new appendages are functional, this sudden development astounds doctors, and they believe it is nothing short of miraculous.

Pastor John Lindell believes that their prayers were answered because of their faith in God’s power and willingness to heal those who believe in Him. He considers this event proof all things are possible with God and encourages others who suffer from difficult situations to pray to Him for comfort and healing.

 The miraculous healing of this woman’s amputated toes has left many people speechless and hopeful. It is an inspiring reminder that no matter how dire our circumstances may seem. We can always rely on our faith in God for strength and grace during difficult times.

 Cracks Form in The Story

If true, this would be a genuine medical and spiritual miracle. It could also provide hard evidence for the healing power of prayer.

It's a big "if," though–there’s no video of the event, and Thompson refuses to show anyone the regrown toes. 

One motivated group isn’t letting her off the hook, and they seem determined to see proof of this supposed miracle.

ShowMeTheToes.com wants one thing: verified photos of the toes. The hope is that this newly created website will force Thompson's hand.

“If you have photographic/video evidence this occurred, provide it, and we will share it on this page,” the group’s website claims. “So far, James River and Krissy have provided zero proof.”

The church is pushing back, arguing that sharing photos would invade her privacy.

But the group behind the website isn't buying it.

“They never had provided [sic] her identity and exploited her instead of protecting her from the beginning,” the site says. “It is obvious they never thought what John shared from the stage would end up creating the viral Facebook post at the top of this page. If there is proof, SHOW IT!”

So far, the church and Krissy Thompson are refusing to show images of the miraculously regrown toes.


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