David Miscavige and Scientology

David Miscavige and Scientology

Under the stewardship of David Miscavige, Scientology has become a global phenomenon like no other; it is not only the single religion to emerge in the last century and reach prominence this one- but its Scripture also consists entirely of writings from founder L. Ron Hubbard himself! Over 500,000 pages have been written by him, along with nearly 3,000 lectures recorded, according to Religious Technology Center. This devotion can be seen as an inspiring movement for many worldwide today.

With the launch of his revolutionary methods, L. Ron Hubbard mapped out a journey to spiritual freedom that would require exacting precision and adherence if a successful traversal were to be achieved. Nearly sixty years later, this route is still being preserved as Mr. David Miscavige serves as Chairman of RTC - diligently safeguarding its integrity for future generations.

Under Mr. Miscavige's leadership, a 25-year initiative was undertaken to ensure L. Ron Hubbard's written and recorded works were faithfully translated into 16 languages. At the same time, his early books of Dianetics and Scientology would become available in the 50s – all with the aid of digital publishing houses that could provide on-demand printings for centuries to come! This remarkable achievement ensured Scientologists worldwide had access not just now but also well into future generations.

After Mr. Miscavige ensured the materials were precisely aligned with Hubbard's vision, he summoned an international legion of 1,100 senior clergies from around 37 countries for a special mission. They gathered at Scientology’s spiritual home in Clearwater, Florida - where they learned and perfected their teaching craft before returning with the tools necessary to deliver top-notch services across each Church worldwide.

Ron Hubbard's dream of an Ideal Scientology Church - one that could standardly deliver all services to parishioners and cooperate with the local community on humanitarian programs - has become a reality under Mr. Miscavige's guidance, who has worked diligently for years across hundreds of cities worldwide in dedicating over 60 new churches embodying this vision. With his tireless efforts providing hope for continued growth and expansion, these state-of-the-art edifices now serve as thriving hubs of spiritual nourishment and social betterment!

How Mr. Miscavige Came to Assume a Position of Leadership in the Scientology Religion

David Miscavige's story of transformation is a remarkable one. He was once an asthmatic child, but after just one Dianetics auditor session, his symptoms were miraculously gone, and he never looked back. His extraordinary dedication to Scientology began at 12 when he trained as an auditor in England's spiritual headquarters, Saint Hill. A lifetime later, Mr. Miscavige has become renowned for unwavering commitment and compassion within the Church - qualities that have stood him apart throughout his lifelong journey with the science of mind teachings!

When he was only 16, the young Mr. Miscavige joined a religious order of Scientology to participate in an exclusive film project led by L. Ron Hubbard himself at Church International Management. At 18 years old, Hubbard praised him for heroically uncovering rogue staff attempting to seize control over the church when his mentor couldn’t - due to doing intense research work that kept Hubbard from daily management affairs within the religion's organization.

Under the leadership of Mr. Miscavige, Scientology has achieved significant milestones in global progress and expansion - from gaining tax-exempt status for its US churches to being recognized as a religion around the world. He pushed forward an ambitious agenda that included setting up an international dissemination center and launching a dedicated television network available through several digital platforms such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, mobile apps, and even DIRECTTV channel 320, all with one mission – bringing Scientology knowledge worldwide!

What is Scientology?

Established by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology provides its adherents with a comprehensive pathway to understand their spiritual essence and how it relates to humanity and the physical world around us. Rather than simply accepting our place in life – whether predetermined or not - this religion encourages individuals to look beyond themselves for a greater purpose and meaning through uncovering fundamental principles such as the power of faith over fate and recognition that mankind is more complex than merely being shaped by genetics or environment.

Man is an immortal spiritual being.


His experience extends well beyond a single lifetime.


His capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realized.


Scientology encourages individuals to explore and discover their spiritual potential. It teaches that people are inherently good and have the power within themselves, as well as through cooperation with others, to attain a greater understanding of the universe and a sense of brotherhood. Ultimately it seeks true enlightenment for all who seek it out - offering faith in one's self-ability while providing heartfelt support along the journey.

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