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Spiritual Passage

Pentagram Mini Magick Broomstick

Pentagram Mini Magick Broomstick

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Looking for a little extra luck in your life? Then this Pentagram Mini Magick Broomstick is just what you need! This little broomstick is perfect for attracting luck and positive energy, and it can be used in a variety of ways. Place it on your mini altar or display it on a shelf in your kitchen to help keep negativity at bay. You can also keep it at your desk at work or take it with you when you travel for an extra boost of positivity. The text on the broom reads, "A sweep a day brings luck your way. Use this lucky little broom to sweep away negativity and bring good fortune into your home." It also features a silver pentagram charm that adds an extra touch of magick. This broomstick comes presented in a black box, making it perfect for gift-giving. So if you know someone who could use a little bit of extra luck in their life, this is the perfect gift!

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