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Spiritual Passage

Witching Hour Moon Clock

Witching Hour Moon Clock

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Unique, one-of-a-kind, and full of mystery, the Witching Hour moon MDF Clock is an enchanting accessory to have in your home. With its full moon design, curved sides, and metallic hands it captures the country’s fascination with all things magic. The perfect addition to a classic or modern style living space, this clock adds subtle witchery to any room.

Crafted from sturdy medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and inlaid with intricate details, it’s sure to become an eye-catching feature wall for Living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. What's more, its lightweight construction allows you to hang up and take it down easily as often as you choose!
Tick away the hours in elegance with this mysterious timepiece or keep it as a hauntingly beautiful piece of wall art. An authentic memento of witching hour that will immediately transport your home into a land of wonder and enchantment. The hour is near! Find your way into magic with this classic accessory.

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